Dr. Dobb’s Journal (articles from 1988 – 2009)

What is this?

This is content from the DDJ Devloper Library DVD-ROM 6 that was published in 2010. What’s included:

  • Dr. Dobb’s Journal (Jan 1988 – Dec 2009)
  • C/C++ Users Journal (Jan 1990 – Feb 2006)
  • SysAdmin (Jan 1992 – Aug 2007)
  • The Perl Journal🐪 (Spring 1996 – Apr 2005)

These articles are presented in HTML format,
along with published and unpublished source code, podcasts and videos.

The search functionality is broken. You’ll have to browse around. If you really need to find a certain topic, you can try the classic computer journal search engine at http://empichon72.free.fr/bs3/revues/index.php#

Why post Dr. Dobb’s articles here?

The Dr. Dobb’s website is in a death spiral. Old articles are available, but they’re hard to find and impossible to page through. As of January 2024, every click is met with an “Opps, something has gone wrong.” error. The site will be going down soon.

The best place to find Dr. Dobb’s classic articles is through the Internet Archive. They have “CD Release 5” from 1997 (in a proprietary HyperReader! format, not very useful), DVD release 5 and this DVD-ROM 6. Both of the DVD releases have articles in HTML format, which are easy to share with the web.

Very very few people host these valuable DVD. I found literally 1. (Sorry, Wouter! I recursively wget-ted your site and didn’t even get the .htm files…)

You download the .iso file for Dr. Dobb’s DVD 6 from the Web Archive or from my website here. Go ahead and re-host these articles. You’ll help preserve these classics.

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  1. Thanks for hosting these Dr. Dobb’s articles! I will also download and store the DVDs.

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