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Sync Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar using Microsoft Power Automate

Summary: getting Outlook events to show up in Google Calendar can be a challenge due to your workplace’s security settings. If you have access to Microsoft Power Automate (aka Flow), then you can use this .zip package to set up an integration.

This Flow is based on this Outlook to Google Calendar synch package by Alex Matulich. Thank you for laying the groundwork, Alex!

Note: v2 of this flow added on Aug. 7, 2020. It no longer copies the event description to Google Calendar. Long event descriptions were cutting off the important Event ID/Master ID.

Why sync these calendars?

My personal calendar is in a Google account, and I access it with a Google app on my Android phone. My workplace calendar is in Office 365 Outlook on my work laptop.

I wanted the ability to see work events on my personal calendar/device without having to install the Outlook app on my phone. I did this because it’s a good idea to keep home & work accounts on separate devices. To keep work-time and personal-time fully apart.

Using Microsoft Flow to synch Outlook and Google Calendars

Microsoft Power Automate (aka Flow) is a service that lets you connect different applications and build connections between them. If you’ve heard of IFTTT or Zapier, Flow has the same concept.

Flow was a good option for this sync because it was free and available. The basic free version of Power Automate is already included in Office 365, and apparently allows 750 “runs” a month. This version is good enough for our purposes, although your company may have paid for a more advanced version.

Download your Power Automate .zip package below:

Note: v2 of this flow added on Aug. 7, 2020. It no longer copies the event description to Google Calendar. Long event descriptions were cutting off the important Event ID/Master ID.

Screenshot of this Microsoft Power Automate Flow that copies Outlook calendar events into Google calendar.

This Flow will copy over new events from Outlook to Google Calendar. It also handles event updates and deletions, as well as supporting recurring events.

To get started, sign in at the Power Automate site and Import the .zip package by clicking the Import button at the top. Next, you will be prompted to connect your Office account and your Google account.

This flow is based on the one at Syncing Office 365 Outlook to Google calendar using Power Automate by Alex Matulich. I found it through his helpful question around special date formatting for Google Calendar in a Power Automate discussion thread.

(The date format ended up being “yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss-00:00” in your own time zone)

Thank you Alex!

My customized Flow is different from Alex’s in that it doesn’t require you to have access to an Excel Online / OneDrive account to keep track of event updates. In my organization, I was not able to make proper use of Excel Tables in the way that Alex’s Flow expected.

Other MS Flows that could be helpful:
Create new events on Google Calendar from Office 365
Copy new events in Office 365 to Google Calendar and send a notification
Update Google Calendar events previously created from Outlook.com

Trying to add Outlook Calendar to Google calendar

There are a few other documented ways to bring your Office 365 Outlook events into G Suite/Google Calendar.

One of them could work for you. It all depends on your employer’s security settings. For me, none of these methods worked. Only the Microsoft Flow method I describe above was effective.

Share calendar from Outlook 2016

You might be able to share your calendar through a “sharing invitation” email, found under the “share calendar” button.

At my organization, sharing a calendar with an external contact was blocked by the admins. A message like “Problem: Your organization’s policy does not allow you to share with this recipient.” comes up whenever you try to share your calendar with a Google account.

Publish to WebDAV server

One recommendation you’ll see for Outlook and Google calendar integration is to use the “Publish to WebDAV Server” option. This requires having an intermediary account on a server like iCal Exchange (accounts are free).

Here is a guide for setting up WebDAV publishing, from Ablebits.

Synch with Google Calendar from Outlook 365 Online

Another option for calendar sync is to go to Outlook 365 Online, then go to Settings -> Calendar -> Accounts.

There is a section there that says “To manage all your calendars in one place, connect your personal accounts with your work account. Details of personal events, like title or location, won’t be shown to other people.”.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be only a one-way sync that brings Google Calendar events into Outlook calendar (the opposite of what I wanted). As of now (July 2020) this also seems to be a feature that’s not available to everyone.

If you are looking to see your Google Calendar from within Outlook, you can try the above method or try this guide for setting up calendar sync on Outlook for desktop.

Thanks for reading and good luck with the setup!

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  1. Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for taking the time to build this out. Really appreciate the effort.

    I’m having an issue with when I Test the flow – I get an error returned ‘Bad Gateway’

    Any ideas on how to fix this one?

    Many thanks!


  2. I am getting the same bad gateway error as the previous one

  3. I got this working by changing all the calendar id’s to correct one.

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