Put it in your mouth.

I was rudely awakened from my sleep. Something like a measly 6 hours, which is definitely not enou…

Just put my ding dong in your mouth!

It was a tiny man, standing on my chest. My eyes took a moment to focus in on his face. An ugly tiny man. Dressed like a pastiche of an Irishman, leprechaun, fairy (and a Parisian? is that a beret?)

🎵Put my dingdong in your mouth, ’cause this train is heading south.🎵

“Ugh…” I groaned and got on with it

Eating the Ding Dong

This Ding Dong is a product of the Philippines and comes in “Sweet & Spicy Flavor”. It is a snack mix, unlike the Ding Dong we have in North America which is a cake-like treat.

The mix is mostly made up of crispy corn & wheat bits and bobs, with dried green peas and roasted peanuts bringing up the back.

While the mix smells like peanuts, the dominant flavour is that of crunchy reconstituted wheat/corn.

They taste overly sweet, with a gentle spicy hot aftertaste that creeps up on you. Handle it with your fingers, and you’ll be left with an oil and crumb mess on your hands.

I don’t think this mix is very good (I’d give it 1 ding out of 5 dongs). I’d take a Chex Mix or a generic snack mix from my local Canadian Bulk Barn over this one. Having said that, the sweetness, saltiness and crunch make you keep reaching for more. Which is why I’m going to proactively toss this leprechaun-themed snack into the garbage. Just after this one handful. I swear.