Computerra (Компьютерр) was a Russian weekly computer magazine. It began publication in 1992, stopped print publication in December 2009, and appears to have published online until 2013.

There is an archive of content from 1997 – 2013 at but earlier content is impossible to find online.

You can browse articles from 1995-2004 on my site here:

A full .iso file with all the articles and images is available on the RuTracker Torrent site, or directly from my site here.

The collection above has text and some photos that accompanied the articles, but we also have scans of several print issues. Invaluable if you’re looking for graphic design from the time, hardware prices (from ads – something I needed for a research writeup) and other elements that are only visible in print:

Computerra issues 37 and 38 from 1995 (pdf)
Computerra issue 42 from 1995 (pdf)
Computerra issue 45 from 1996 (djvu). To read a .djvu file, I recommend Sumatra PDF Reader.
We even have a scan of Computerra “issue 0” from 1992!

The scans are courtesy of the amazing archive at MagzDB. If you have more scans of Computerra magazine, comment or email me at jacob at this I’d love to host them!